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3 layers down


My body cries
leaving me with an echo so empty, it almost gives me the impression I'm gone.
Though, I see my body lying in bed.

I've been here before
What do I feel?
Failed. Alone. Lightless. Loaded. Embarrassed. Numb. I'm sick of putting myself in these situations again and again.
I never learn.
Most of the times it's just the little things. Just a sign misinterpreted.
It feels like I'm programmed to do this·
Incident that triggers me. Wrong neuron lit up. Boom.
Wrong reaction.
"You are always too much!"
Oh. Did I do it again?
That only makes it the billionth time.

Excuse the desperate tone.

End of scene one


Going deep

I enter into the sea, a sea that doesn't look familiar. I am with them.
Two seconds pass and I realize they're gone.
Wait. I feel a weight on my shoulders. It's a backpack.
What the hell am I doing in the sea with that burden?
How did they let me enter loaded with this thing?
It isn't even mine, you know.

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