In a parallel universe
I'd have magic powers

I would only have to say "I want that"
and boom!

all mine.

In this hidden universe
I would be floating
οn clouds of pink lovely marmalade
wearing yellow bikinis
while drinking a cocktail at morning
reading earth news
and wickedly laughing on their misery
from up above.
I would mock on people,
do whatever I liked,
decide everyone's fate
and making sure I would have everything.
I would always say "I"
and I (!) wouldn't even feel sorry about it.
I would throw my cupid arrows on you
and you would be forever trapped,
and oh...did I forget to say?
you would be
I'd fly to people's houses,
make myself invisible
and hear all their secrets when they cried at night.

But wait
who's that?

In this non-existent world
I am someone that doesn't look like me.
and I would better kill my ego now
before it takes control of me.

You narcissistic little thing
I know you're coming from within.
You are bad and cruel and you don't care
you fill with poison all the air
I have to let you go away
cause cruelty makes us dogs astray
and with this spell I force your death
For my poor heart should catch her breath.
And I am praying to the sky
"my little mind protect from dying
cause when the ego takes control
we lose it all, we lose it all!"
So, I will stay away from magic
cause it will make my story tragic
Instead ,the closest this we have to that

is love , I know with all my heart.


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