When tears drain
and there's nothing to say
 I start melting.
and that's what I do best

Melting in thought
my melting heart
becomes melting water
flowing down to the floor

my body shakes
and melts
going down and down and down.

and there I am
there I lie to the surface, to the ground
feeling secure
that there's no way I can fall any more
I've reached the bottom.

The world seems plane
when looking it from down here
straight, realistic

and then you look up
realizing you have nowhere else to go.
the only choice is getting up.
and that's exactly what you do.
you get up

Your body hurts
the scratches and wounds from your collapse ,ache
you want to cry again
and you're thrilled
cause you can cry over a real pain
a physical one
isn't that wonderful?
Having a reason to cry that is acceptable and ok.

the only thing that's left for you is time
you only have time.
nothing else
no joy, no love, no nothing
just some time
and sometimes, some time is all you need.
or at least, you hope it is

so you just stand there
waiting for time to pass
cause they all say
things will be better.
and you secretly wish they are true
cause ,as I said,
time is the only thing you have on earth.


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