A home I really own

"one pair of hands is all I need
to catch me when I fall
cause all my prayers gone so wrong
I feel alone
I feel alone

one pair of eyes is all I ask
to know my secrets all
and keep them safe until the Song
until He bangs a gong
He bangs a gong "

I thought I had this biggest need
to have a lovebird near, like you
and build a nest to fit us both
that's tailor made just for us two

But all this nonsense I've forgot 
for I know now some things to do
and I have taught this heart of mine
to work just fine without you too

I'm here now so 
and I'm alone
no nightmare taking form
so I suppose it's all passed now
and I've proved stronger than the storm

I feel so grateful for this chance
to show myself  I can go on
I needed help from thunders though
to make a home I really own.


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