The Game

When we the game first started,
I was indeed surprised.
It was ironical but funny
And I so truly laughed.

Your face was so familiar
your smile enslaved my heart
and even though you teased me
I couldn't hold a grudge.

The days, though, passed so quickly
no "game over" came along
we kept that roulette rolling
so thoughtless and so young.

The roulette spinned all over
we spinned it every time
but we had never thought about
the crime that we began

At first I saw a little bruise
it was there in my arm
and then I looked at you as well
some scratches in your back

But we the game continued 'cause,
we were too bold to stop
the game was coming to an end
the bullet was on top.

We hugged and laughed for the last time
we shared some childish oath
the game we played again like fools
the bullet killed us both.

I screamed inside "I'm sorry!",
heart hanging from a thread
but it just didn't matter now
we were already dead.


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