The knot

Hopes and expectations
scattered 'round the floor
I step on them when I wake up
it's hard to reach the door

I have this tiny little troubling
knot inside my throat
it hurts when I'm about to speak
it's like a silence oath

I swallow and look up
my eyes are filled with tears
and I keep asking where you are
I thought you said "for years".

Well, wake up, foolish little you
For words will be just words.
I know it aches you to the bone
you 're smashed by thousand swords.

The movie you have watched before
the ending was ,for you, all wrong
There's no such thing as fairy tales
life happened all along


My feelings and my thoughts
I put them all aside
but nothing could just really hide
the bitterness inside.

To make it through the night
some patience I  will need
when all my love comes running back
and I miss you indeed

But I have all decided now
that moment I will keep
reminding me to not dream much
and sink again in deep.

So thanks for everything, I scream
touching my damaged heart
to teach me how the people
turn "nothing" into art.

Excuse me for my biting words
it's all my anger's fault
someday I will be over that
I'll be mature and old.

it doesn't really matter though
'cause now was our true time
the challenge we both failed so hard
we're left with just our crime.


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