Other Half

     She was looking. Everywhere. She knew that her other half must be on their way. This is how it goes. Her parents were soulmates, her grandparents, her uncle and aunt. Well, everyone she knew. But it was getting late and nothing was happening. The Day of Soulmates was coming to an end. The sun was coming down. She started feeling anxious. Her brown eyes filled with tears. “What if I don’t have a soulmate?”, she thought to herself. "What if I spend my life alone?".     She decided to go to the oracle to solve the mystery. She entered the colourful room with the purple curtains and the smell of candles and “I can’t find my other half”, she said. “Something must have happened to them. Can you locate them?”. “Go to this mirror”, the oracle said, “and look. Your other half will be there”. And so she went. In the exact middle of the mirror she saw a little girl. She was sitting there, in the dark, sad and alone, face looking down. She had a toy in her hands but was not playing with it. It was almost like she was holding it to not feel completely alone in the darkness. “What happened to you?”, the woman asked. “Who are you? Where is your caregiver?”

    When hearing her voice, the little girl turned her head slowly and looked at her. Her face lightened up. “You came!”, she screamed and approached the mirror. “I was waiting for you. I thought you’d never come back for me”. Her little face was suddenly so familiar. Like a forgotten picture of your 5th birthday. She touched her little hand on the mirror and so did the woman. Their eyes had a dark brown color. Their smile was radiant. Together they could do anything. As long as they had each other.
    And they lived happily ever after, in a World where everyone searched for healing in all places except themselves. And they were whole. And people were coming and going from their lives like cherry tops in a cake. Not like oxygen. They were breathing fine on their own.


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